Greetings from the Chairperson of the executive board.

To members of the Korean Association of Anatomists,

Our society is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic societies in the country. All members of our association are dedicated to the world-class education and research in anatomical science, especially to the studies of structure and function at all levels of biological organizations.

Today, our society faces difficulties. Although everyone agrees that anatomy is fundamental in medical education, students who want to study anatomy have been decreasing in recent years. Anatomical research is also having a difficult time, as other fields of medical sciences experience significant technological advances. Moreover, government funding to anatomical education and research is steeply decreasing.

We have come far from our simple beginning after the Korean War and are now making great achievements both in medical education and research. I am sincerely proud that our members devote their fullest efforts with sense of responsibility and enthusiasm in anatomical education and research, even if they have to sacrifice their time in other endeavors they have to play as key members of other academic societies. I am confident that we will overcome the present difficulties if we unite the individual excellence of our members.

I will do my best to support all our members to realize their talents in our society. I hope that our association becomes not only the place for intellectual discussion but also the platform to develop a strong bond between members with sense of belonging. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of our members, our official academic journal, ‘Anatomy and Cell Biology’, has recently gained an impact factor over 1.0. This is an achievement that not many academic societies in the country have achieved in this short period of time. However, we will not stop until our journal reaches the gold standard of scientific excellence.

I promise to you that I will do my best to help our society grow further, and I am sure that with the support of our members we will be able to do so. I sincerely thank the former chairpersons, presidents and members of our association for your support.

I wish you all the best in your every endeavor.

Yours sincerely,

Wang Jae Lee,
Chairperson of the executive board
Korean Association of Anatomists