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1 으뜸상 이종은   2021.10.15
2 빛날상 허미선   2021.10.15
3 빛날상 김윤학   2021.10.15
4 우수연제발표상(구연) 홍은아 Can contralateral forearm bones utilize as a reliable template for the opposite side? 2021.10.15
5 우수연제발표상(구연) 최유진 New insight of the superficial zygomaticotemporal nerve for treatment temporal migraine 2021.10.15
6 우수연제발표상(구연) 한용권 Cisplatin induces lung damage and lung ciliary disruption via oxidative stress. 2021.10.15
7 우수논문발표상(구연) 박용수 Identification and characterization of CD86 and CD206 co-expressed microglial cells in blue-LED induced retinal degeneration 2021.10.15
8 우수논문발표상(구연) 이승준 MAST4 maintains the cell cycle of spermatogonial stem cells via CDK2-PLZF interaction   2021.10.15
9 우수논문발표상(구연) 이준화 Nrf2 controls experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) by regulation of Th17 cell differentiation 2021.10.15
10 우수논문발표상(구연) 유혜정 Molecular profiling of habenula in the chronic restraint stress rat model 2021.10.15
11 우수연제발표상(전시) 권형욱 셋째종아리근힘줄 닿는곳의 분류 및 형태계측에 대한 시신 해부 연구 2021.10.15
12 우수연제발표상(전시) 배형규 Clinical anatomy of the deep temporal artery for the temple augmentation procedure; Cadaveric and ultrasonographic study 2021.10.15
13 우수논문발표상(전시) 김혜진 A study on the creation and utilization of basic images frequently used in anatomy education 2021.10.15
14 우수연제발표상(전시) 이나윤 대구지역 모 의과대학 시신기증실태 및 사망진단서 분석 2021.10.15
15 우수논문발표상(전시) 이승희 BFI-02, a brd2 and brd4 inhibitor rescues retinal degeneration induced by led exposure in mice 2021.10.15
16 우수논문발표상(전시) 이종율 TonEBP promotes amyloid-β-induced neuroinflammation and microglia activation 2021.10.15
17 우수논문발표상(전시) 조은수 Deficiency of LRP5 induces cognitive deficit and anxiety-like behavior via alteration of Wnt signaling in mouse hippocampus 2021.10.15
18 우수논문발표상(전시) 김민정 Novel Hydrogels Composed of Cationic Poly-L-lysine/Hyaluronic Acid Conjugates Prevents Postoperative Abdominal Adhesions in a Rat Model 2021.10.15
19 우수논문발표상(전시) 김현정 Glioblastoma evolution of mutation-harboring SVZ stem cells at a single-cell resolution 2021.10.15
20 우수논문발표상(전시) 정유나 Revealing a porous silicon fluorescent nanoprobe: sensing a biological weapon anthrax biomarker and its empirical on-site applications 2021.10.15
21 우수논문발표상(전시) 문다은 2-Mercaptoethanol attenuates inflammation and oxidative stress during unilateral ureteral obstruction 2021.10.15
22 우수논문발표상(전시) 양진영 Radiofrequency irradiation mitigated UV-B-induced pigmentation by activating melanosomal autophagy process/td> 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 황지원 Correlation between PDGFR-β-positive fibroblasts and meningeal macrophages infiltrating the ischemic brain in a rat model of stroke 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 이서우 Chemokine-receptor mediated attraction of neuroprotective CD4+CD25+ Treg cell into the infarct region after ischemic stroke 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 조단비   2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 이호진 Immunogenicity study depending on crossover of strain or species in neural stem cell transplantation 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 고강은 PCB 126 exposure disrupts hepatic iron hemeostasis and induces NAFLD through downregulation of hepatic STAMP2 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 우상우 Inhibitory effect of leucine derivatives on the sarcopenia in skeletal muscle cells 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 김옥현   2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 신주희 The reduction of SAT1 via shRNA-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles showed a significant alleviation of neuropathic pain 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 박형선 TRIMosome acts as a platform for core autophagy proteins to promote autophagic activity 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 정주경 Epithelial Wnt secretion is required for molar root formation 2021.10.15
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 유연이 SOCS3 is related to cell proliferation in neuronal tissue: An integrated analysis of bioinformatics and experiments 2021.10.15