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1  으뜸상 유영현 Re-engineering the mitochondrial genomes in mammalian cells 2019.10.18
2  빛날상 김도경 형광 생체 영상화를 통한 질병인자 추적 및 해부학적 응용 2019.10.18
Fluorescence bioimaging of disease biomarkers and its applications in anatomy
3  빛날상 한기환 Autophagy in kidney structure and function 2019.10.18
4 우수논문발표상(구연) 안효상 Anatomical Continuation between the subSMAS Fat (Innominate Fascia) and ROOF :
The True Nature of the ROOF (Retro-Orbicularis Oculi Fat)
5 우수논문발표상(구연) 오지훈 Elevated GCN5 expression confers tamoxifen resistance by upregulating AIB1 in ER-positive breast cancer 2019.10.18
6 우수논문발표상(구연) 정유나 Two-photon microscopy imaging probes based on a highly stable oxazepine core 2019.10.18
7 우수논문발표상(구연) 구혜연 Follistatin acts as a downstream mediator of sonic hedgehog in establishing the tonotopy of the mammalian cochlea 2019.10.18
8 우수논문발표상(구연) 정범선 가상해부학에 이바지하는 Visible Korean의 교육 소프트웨어 네 가지 2019.10.18
9 우수논문발표상(전시) 최유진 한국인의 긴엄지발가락폄근과 부속힘줄에 대한 형태학적 분류 2019.10.18
10 우수논문발표상(전시) 이혜인 A case report of femoral nerve split with variant iliacus muscle: a potential source of femoral nerve entrapment 2019.10.18
11 우수논문발표상(전시) 안성민 Effects of high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation on functional improvement
in a mouse model of ischemic stroke
12 우수논문발표상(전시) 박맑은 Electroacupuncture therapy exert protective effects on dopaminergic neurons via upregulation
of brain-derived neurotrophic factor and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor in MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease mouse model
13 우수논문발표상(전시) 최한슬 Roles of Shank2, the causative gene of autism spectrum disorder, in cochlear development and function 2019.10.18
14 우수논문발표상(전시) 안종민 Glioblastoma management with platinum-based nanoparticles 2019.10.18
15 우수논문발표상(전시) 김유리 HOXB5 regulates tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells and promotes tumor aggression and cancer stem-like activity 2019.10.18
16 우수논문발표상(전시) 송수진 Inflammatory esponses in the aging mouse retina is associated with caveolin-2 2019.10.18
17 우수논문발표상(전시) 옥예진 Three dimensional cell culture using a decellularized porcine liver extracellular matrix derived hydrogel scaffold 2019.10.18
18 우수논문발표상(전시) 배안나 Clinicopathological and prognostic characteristics of RAD51 in colorectal cancer 2019.10.18
19 우수논문발표상(전시) 윤옥화 Arginase 2 deficiency promotes neuroinflammation and pain behaviors following nerve injury in mice 2019.10.18
20 우수논문발표상(전시) Davaanyam Dashdulam Osteopontin heptamer peptide containing the RGD motif enhances the phagocytic function of microglia  2019.10.18
21 우수논문발표상(전시) Lata Rajbongshi Nicotine receptors induce breast cancer cells proliferation, invasion and migration through targeting EBV encoded LMP1 2019.10.18
22 우수논문발표상(전시) 박혜원 p16INK4a siRNA encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles attenuates pain and cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis 2019.10.18
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 최수지 Novel prognostic factor for uveal melanoma: bioinformatics analysis of three independent cohorts. 2019.10.18
24 최인장학술상 김진원 Three-dimensional topographic distribution of the superficial temporal artery in the temporal region by MATLAB analysis 2019.10.18
25 최인장학술상 최은비 The role of lipocalin 2 in skeletal muscle of leptin-deficient ob/ob mice 2019.10.18
26 최인장학술상 홍은아 Valves in the internal mammary vein cannot disturb retrograde flow in the bi-pedicle breast reconstruction surgery:
a cadaveric study
27 최인장학술상 정다희 High-definition transcranial direct current stimulation improves cognitive ability through
the survival of dopaminergic cells in an animal model of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
28 최인장학술상 정재훈 Effects of SHIP1 on adipose tissue inflammation and apoptosis in obese mice 2019.10.18
29 최인장학술상 박광락 Morphological classification of plantaris tendon according to shape and location of insertion in korean 2019.10.18
30 최인장학술상 정다솜 Pregnancy-specific glycoproteins regulate trophoblast cell proliferation, invasion, and migration. 2019.10.18
31 최인장학술상 범연경 Caffeine alleviates inflammation in an OVA-induced allergic rhinitis mouse model by regulating Th1/Th2 cytokines imbalance 2019.10.18
32 최인장학술상 김한규 An anatomical study for uterosacral ligament suspension from female cadavers 2019.10.18
33 최인장학술상 문경혜 Differential role of primary cilia in cochlear development and hearing establishment 2019.10.18
34 최인장학술상 박준범 PCB 126-induced disruption of hepatic iron homeostasis through downregulation of hepatic STAMP2 causes NAFLD 2019.10.18