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1  으뜸상 안규윤 콩팥에서 이온수송체에 관한 유전자분석 및 면역조직화학적 연구 2020.10.16
2  빛날상 박진서 Neuroman: Voxel phantoms from surface models of 300 head structures including 12 pairs of cranial Nerves 2020.10.16
3  빛날상 한승연 Neuroprotective Effect of Nortriptyline in Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy Through Attenuation of Mitochondrial Dysfunction 2020.10.16
4 우수논문발표상(구연) 권형욱 한국인 시신에서 앞목말종아리인대 부착부위의 형태학적 특성 연구 2020.10.16
5 우수논문발표상(구연) 박정아 Lateral branches of the facial artery and its clinical implication 2020.10.16
6 우수논문발표상(구연) 김예경 Axillary nerve distribution for clinical injections into the deltoid muscle: anatomical study 2020.10.16
7 우수논문발표상(구연) 최유진 한국인 시신에서 긴엄지발가락폄근과 보조힘줄에 따른 형태학적 분류 2020.10.16
8 우수논문발표상(구연) 김한규 The detailed innervation patterns of the pectineus muscle 2020.10.16
9 우수논문발표상(구연) 윤영현 Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of mouse and human enteric nervous system in whole gut using tissue clearing 2020.10.16
10 우수논문발표상(구연) Ang, Mary Jasmin Melatonin alters neuronal architecture and increases cysteine-rich protein 1 signaling in the male mouse hippocampus 2020.10.16
11 우수논문발표상(구연) 허유란 Clinicopathological characteristics of TZAP expression in colorectal cancers 2020.10.16
12 우수논문발표상(구연) 이혜인 Definition of zygomatico-orbital artery 2020.10.16
13 우수논문발표상(전시) 이지현 The morphometry of the male bulbospongiosus: The location and the Intramuscular neural arborization pattern 2020.10.16
14 우수논문발표상(전시) 이형진 딥러닝을 활용한 얼굴 초음파 이미지 분석 2020.10.16
15 우수논문발표상(전시) 전안나 A cadaveric study of the obturator motor nerve distribution and its cutaneous branches 2020.10.16
16 우수논문발표상(전시) 이두만 Simple method to exclude contamination rate during primary isolation of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth 2020.10.16
17 우수논문발표상(전시) 송수진 Recovery of dopaminergic amacrine cells after strobe light stimulation in developing rat retina 2020.10.16
18 우수논문발표상(전시) 이홍주 Electroacupuncture Therapy On An Activation Dynamic Of NG2 Expressing Cells In Perilesional Brain Tissue Of Mice With Ischemic Stroke 2020.10.16
19 우수논문발표상(전시) 김송이 Analgesic effect of Duloxetin loaded PLGA nanoparticles through enhanced localization of microglia in neuropathic pain 2020.10.16
20 우수논문발표상(전시) 이호진 Preclinical Dose Escalation Study Of Adult Human Multipotent Neural Cells For Spinal Cord Injury 2020.10.16
21 우수논문발표상(전시) 김혜영 Hepatic STAMP2 Improves Hepatic Iron Overload through the Regulation of Ferroportin Expression in NAFLD 2020.10.16
22 우수논문발표상(전시) 황선영 Marine Collagen Peptides Protect against CoCl 2 /TNF- α -Induced Cytotoxicity and Inflammation via Inhibition of ROS, MAPK, and NF- κ B Pathways in HaCaT Cells 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 이종율 Exendin-4 improves metabolic and cognitive complications by activating GLP1-R expression in high-fat diet-induced obese mice 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 심혜진 Effects of hypothermia on inflammatory cytokine expression in the rat liver following asphyxial cardiac arrest 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 안형석 Lipocalin-2 deficiency alleviates immune response by regulating macrophage iron homeostasis in acute lung injury mouse model 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 권은정 Development of HPV-related prognostic metabolic gene signatures in CESC and HNSC. 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 문지욱 Identification of novel DNA hypermethylation of adenylate kinase 5 promoter in colorectal adenocarcinema. 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 양에스더 Three-dimensional analysis of mouse habenula subnuclei reveals reduced volume and gene expression in the lipopolysaccharide-mediated depression model 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 양수현 Lateral habenula aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase mediates depression-like behaviors 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 김유리 HOXA5 confers tamoxifen resistance via PI3K/AKT pathway in ER-positive breast cancer 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) Mst Reshma Khatun Roles of Gene X in the pancreatic cancer 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 박형선 FKBP5, a depression-associated gene, has a role in autophagy 2020.10.16
23 우수논문발표상(전시) 노민혜 Study of role peroxiredoxin 1 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma 2020.10.16