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1 으뜸상 김 현 Neural mechanism of acute stress management by trace aminergic signalling in the lateral habenula 2022.10.21
2 빛날상 현영민 Lysophosphatidylcholine alleviates lung injury by regulating neutrophil motility and NET formation 2022.10.21
3 빛날상 유홍일 A new brain-cutting device and ultraviolet resin-mounted human brain slices as a teaching adjunct for neuroanatomy education 2022.10.21
4 우수연제발표상(구연) 박용수 Retinal rod bipolar cell expresses intermediate-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel for the fast and transient synaptic transmission 2022.10.21
5 우수연제발표상(구연) 한용권 Short-term high-fat diet intake increases cisplatin-nephrotoxicity via increased oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage 2022.10.21
6 우수연제발표상(구연) 안효상 Anatomical conceptualization of the forehead-temple augmentation procedure using one entry point based on clinical experiences 2022.10.21
7 우수연제발표상(구연) 김다솜 An anatomical investigation study for the appropriate anatomical landmark of rami communicans block 2022.10.21
8 우수연제발표상(구연) 유연희 Correlations of autism-like phenotypes and inflammation following hyperthermic convulsions 2022.10.21
9 우수연제발표상(구연) 뭉궁치메그 만성 대사성산증에 의한 콩팥 사이세포들의 형태학적 변화 2022.10.21
10 우수연제발표상(구연) 문다은 Protective role of 2-mercaptoethanol against double-stranded DNA breaks in kidney ischemia and reperfusion injury 2022.10.21
11 우수연제발표상(구연) 최유진 긴엄지발가락폄근의 해부학적 특성과 임상적 의미: 한국인 시신 연구 2022.10.21
12 우수연제발표상(구연) 이재웅 TonEBP protein regulates LCN2 gene expression to promote diabetic neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment 2022.10.21
13 우수연제발표상(구연) 최유진 Nerve distributions of the anterior belly of digastric muscle for effective botulinum toxin injection 2022.10.21
14 우수연제발표상(구연) 권형욱 닿는곳의 구조적 특징에 따른 셋째종아리근의 형태학적 분류 : 시신 연구 Morphologic Classification of Peroneus Tertius according to Structural Characteristics of Insertional Area : A Cadaveric Study 2022.10.21
15 우수연제발표상(구연) 이지현 Novel improvements in the whole mount nerve staining method of Sihler. nerve 미국식 [nɜːrv] 영국식 [nɜːv] 1. 신경 2. 긴장, 불안 3. 용기를 내어 ~하다 2022.10.21
16 우수연제발표상(전시) 이한송 Single-cell landscape of immunological responses by periodontal therapy 2022.10.21
17 우수연제발표상(전시) 임동민 Risk stratification of patients with right-sided colorectal cancer based on the tumor- infiltrating M1 macrophage 2022.10.21
18 우수연제발표상(전시) 배안나 Clinical characteristics and prognostic value of TRPM7 in colorectal cancer   2022.10.21
19 우수연제발표상(전시) 유연희 Altered social memory according to inflammatory responses following febrile seizure 2022.10.21
20 우수연제발표상(전시) 티말시나비노드 Modulation of neuronal outgrowth and maturation via interaction of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine kinase and small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide N 2022.10.21
21 우수연제발표상(전시) 나즈물하쿠 Stigmasterol Modulates Mitophagy to Protects Hippocampal Neuron Following Hypoxia-Reoxygenation (H/R) Stress Stigmasterol Modulates Mitophagy to Protects Hippocampal Neuron Following Hypoxia-Reoxygenation (H/R) Stress 2022.10.21
22 우수연제발표상(전시) 안형석 Lipocalin-2 induces M1 polarization by accumulating cellular iron levels in Raw 264.7 macrophages 2022.10.21
23 우수연제발표상(전시) 이다해 The Roles of IL-22 and Its Receptor in the Regulation of Inflammatory Responses in the Brain 2022.10.21
24 우수연제발표상(전시) 이은진 Blockage in the ventral hippocampus with bupivacaine produces analgesia in the formalin pain test 2022.10.21
25 우수연제발표상(전시) 신현주 Effects of lipocalin-2 deletion on hepatic and hippocampal triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-2 expressions in diabetic mice 2022.10.21
26 우수연제발표상(전시) 오상아 Cytosolic HMGB1 mediates LPS-induced autophagy in microglia by interacting with NOD2 and suppresses its proinflammatory function 2022.10.21
27 우수연제발표상(전시) 이가영 Perampanel reduces brain damage via induction of M2 microglia in a neonatal rat stroke model 2022.10.21
28 우수연제발표상(전시) 문주연 Morphological and molecular analysis of brain microvessel using single microvessel isolation method 2022.10.21
29 우수연제발표상(전시) 김송이 Amitriptyline repositioning prolongs analgesic effect by enhanced targeting microglia 2022.10.21
30 우수연제발표상(전시) 조혜정 Alloferon affects the chemosensitivity of pancreatic cancer by regulating the expression of SLC6A14 2022.10.21
31 우수연제발표상(전시) 이서진 Ameloblastoma modifies circadian homeostasis through the establishment of the tumor microenvironment 2022.10.21
32 우수연제발표상(전시) 장은화 The synergistic effects of Carboxylesterase-sTRAIL on lung cancer brain metastasis in vitro. 2022.10.21
33 우수연제발표상(전시) 박형선 TNIP1 is a novel aggrephagy receptor 2022.10.21
34 우수연제발표상(전시) 최명광 LAUNCHER: A single-component, light-assisted uncaging switch for endoproteolytic release 2022.10.21
35 우수연제발표상(전시) 윤소혜 Parthenolide ameliorates renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice 2022.10.21
36 우수연제발표상(전시) 최나래 Comparative Analysis of the Course and Distribution pattern According to the Diameter of the Main Trunk of Facial artery 2022.10.21
37 우수연제발표상(전시) 정주경 Temporal stabilization of b-catenin disturbs breakdown of Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath 2022.10.21
38 우수연제발표상(전시) 아니쉬 Establishment of taste bud assembloid with functional sensory nervous system 2022.10.21
39 우수연제발표상(전시) 문다은 Protective effect of 2-mercaptoethanol against inflammation and oxidative stress in kidney unilateral ureteral obstruction 2022.10.21
40 우수연제발표상(전시) 박소현 The possible role of pDC in TLO formation 2022.10.21
41 우수연제발표상(전시) 오세연 Ecklonia cava extract reduces the accumulation of visceral fat by restoring the length of cilia reduced in the visceral fat of a high-fat diet. 2022.10.21
42 우수연제발표상(전시) 장다윤  REV‐ERBα Mediates the Effect of Fluoxetine in Microglial Phagocytosis 2022.10.21
43 우수연제발표상(전시) 대어윤블렉 In vivo tumor-specific imaging of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles using magnetic particle imaging for cancer diagnosis. 2022.10.21