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1 으뜸상 황영일 Anatomical study of the adductor canal: three-dimensional micro-computed tomography, histological, and immunofluorescence findings relevant to neural blockade 2023.10.20
2 빛날상 신정아 Recovery of dopaminergic amacrine cells after strobe light stimulation in the developing rat retina 2023.10.20
3 빛날상 최형진 Lateral hypothalamic leptin receptor neurons drive hunger-gated food-seeking and consummatory behaviours in male mice 2023.10.20
4 우수연제발표상(구연) 윤영현 Perceptions of medical students and developers on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality and three-dimensional printing technologies: a survey study 2023.10.20
5 우수연제발표상(구연) 권찬양 A study on quantitative and qualitative analysis of body donation status at Chungbuk National University School of Medicine 2023.10.20
6 우수연제발표상(구연) 소영인 Anatomical study of the annulus ligament for safe A1 pulley release 2023.10.20
7 우수연제발표상(구연) 박소현 3-demensional footprints of common extensor origin and common flexor origin of elbow 2023.10.20
8 우수연제발표상(구연) 허혜원 Development of normative face phantom for minimally invasive facial procedures training: applied Korean average data 2023.10.20
9 우수연제발표상(구연) 권형욱 한국인 시신을 대상으로 앞정강종아리인대 아래다발의 형태학적 특성 연구 2023.10.20
10 우수연제발표상(구연) 안형석 Effects of lipocalin-2 on macrophage iron accumulation in lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury   2023.10.20
11 우수연제발표상(구연) Mungunchimeg Proliferation of renal intercalated cells in acid-loaded mouse 2023.10.20
12 우수연제발표상(구연) 유연이 Exosomal hsa-miR-335-5p and hsa-miR-483-5p are novel biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis: A development and validation study  2023.10.20
13 우수연제발표상(구연) 이재웅 Lipocalin-2 promotes non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in high-fat diet–fed leptin-deficient mice by hepatic stellate cell activation  2023.10.20
14 우수연제발표상(구연) 임희재 Deletion of EXOC5 in renal proximal tubule cells accelerates renal fibrosis after ureteral obstruction 2023.10.20
15 우수연제발표상(구연) 권태우 STAT3 siRNA-encapsulated PLGA nanoparticles mitigate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by inhibiting immune cell infiltration 2023.10.20
16 우수연제발표상(전시) 변경아 Poly L-lactic acid induces lipogenic effect and skin rejuvenation by modulating nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 2023.10.20
17 우수연제발표상(전시) 장유진 The anti-inflammatory effect of alloferon on imiquimod-induced psoriasis through the regulation of interleukin-22 receptor expression and its related factors 2023.10.20
18 우수연제발표상(전시) 권태우 Ginsenoside-Re mitigates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by inhibiting TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signaling pathways 2023.10.20
19 우수연제발표상(전시) 임동민 The somatic genomic landscape of Korean colorectal cancer 2023.10.20
20 우수연제발표상(전시) Haytham Virtual screening of KCB natural compounds library targeting TGFb-mediated liver cirrhosis: an in silico multi-target approach   2023.10.20
21 우수연제발표상(전시) 최준혁 Global lineage evolution pattern of SARS-CoV-2 in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia: a comparative analysis of variant clusters and their relevance across continents 2023.10.20
22 우수연제발표상(전시) 조단비 Transcriptome profiles of circRNAs in neuron and glia under metabolic imbalance conditions 2023.10.20
23 우수연제발표상(전시) 신현주 Amyloid β oligomer increases microglial galectin-3 and astrocytic lipocalin-2 in the hippocampus of diabetic mice 2023.10.20
24 우수연제발표상(전시) 신주희 Deciphering microglia PANoptosis and its therapeutic potential in neuropathic pain 2023.10.20
25 우수연제발표상(전시) 이재호 Targeted treatment of ischemic stroke through delivery of small molecule BDNF mimetics using mesoporous silica nanoparticles 2023.10.20
26 우수연제발표상(전시) 김건우 Effects of sildenafil on cognitive function recovery and neuronal preservation in global cerebral ischemia 2023.10.20
27 우수연제발표상(전시) 이홍주 Therapeutic electrical stimulations promote functional recovery following ischemic stroke in mice by modulating a common neuronal death pathway 2023.10.20
28 우수연제발표상(전시) 오상아 Inhibition of peptidylarginine deiminase 4 (PAD4) confers anti-inflammatory effects in miroglia 2023.10.20
29 우수연제발표상(전시) 정은애 Effects of TonEBP haploinsufficiency on microglial activation and cognitive impairment in middle-aged mice 2023.10.20
30 우수연제발표상(전시) 최석주 Sex estimation through hard palate morphometrics in a contemporary Korean population 2023.10.20
31 우수연제발표상(전시) 최윤일 Morphological classification of the calcaneal tendon according to torsion at insertion site in korean : a cadaveric study 2023.10.20
32 우수연제발표상(전시) Otgonsaikhan Peroneus quartus muscle and associated pathology - ganglionic cyst with partial rupture due to tenosynovitis in the peroneus Quartus tendon: case report 2023.10.20
33 우수연제발표상(전시) 신애리 Establishment and validation of a model for fetal neural ischemia using necrotic core-free human spinal cord organoids 2023.10.20
34 우수연제발표상(전시) 송수진 Iron overload may accelerate amyloid-beta accumulation in the aging mouse brain 2023.10.20
35 우수연제발표상(전시) 박정민 A guide to studying murine hair follicle pattern evolution in vivo 2023.10.20
36 우수연제발표상(전시) 이정민 Protective effects of tauroursodeoxycholate against radiation-induced intestinal injury in a mouse model 2023.10.20
37 우수연제발표상(전시) 이채윤 Anti-inflammatory Effects of Caulerpa okamurae Extracts on Porphyromonas gingivalis-stimulated RAW 264.7 Macrophages 2023.10.20
38 우수연제발표상(전시) 김동오 Stem cells expressing CES1 and sTRAIL can target and deliver therapeutic genes lung cancer brain metastasis. 2023.10.20
39 우수연제발표상(전시) 조혜정 Alloferon Affects the Chemosensitivity of Pancreatic Cancer by Regulating the Expression of SLC6A14 2023.10.20
40 우수연제발표상(전시) 김경은 Effects of adzuki bean MY59 Extract on insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in high-fat-fed mice 2023.10.20
41 우수연제발표상(전시) 오세현 Evaluation of four criteria in assessing third molar maturity for age estimation in Koreans 2023.10.20
42 우수연제발표상(전시) 김태완 Identification of a novel secretion pathway for PARK7/DJ-1 2023.10.20
43 우수연제발표상(전시) 우상우 Inhibitory effect of leucine analogue on cancer cachexia-induced muscle atrophy 2023.10.20
44 우수연제발표상(전시) 우가빈 Repeated Cisplatin Induces Myofibroblast Transformation and Cellular Senescence through YAP Activation in Kidney Fibroblasts 2023.10.20
45 우수연제발표상(전시) 김수진 태반의 발달과정과 구조에 대한 교육용 3D 애니메이션 제작 2023.10.20
46 우수연제발표상(전시) 대어윤블렉 Comparisons of the biodistribution and animal species using high resolution imaging MPI after intravenous administration of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in mice. 2023.10.20
47 우수연제발표상(전시) 문다은 Mechanism of SAV1 signaling pathway in kidney diseases 2023.10.20